[SELL] Meepo Standard External Battery Setup

[US - NorCal] Meepo Standard External Battery Setup

Meepo Standard External Battery Setup
Description: Only a few cycles on it (about 6-10). Comes with case, battery, wire harness, and strap.
Price (USD): $140 + shipping (negotiable + open to trades)



So does this external battery run your headlights? Is it AA or AAA or 18650? I think you need better pictures of the tackel box and whats inside it.

Hey, it is a standard Meepo pack that connects in parallel to the other standard Meepo pack. It provides extra range (double). Made from 18650 cells. Inside the pack is the battery, foam for extra cushion and protection, as well as some wires.

So lets see some picture of whats in the box since you don’t know what kind of 18650 cells or size of the pack. What kind of bms? I want to see “some wires”

Here is what’s in there!

The “wires” are the parallel connection running to the pack.

So 135 +40 for the tackel box w custom mepo strap and some wires+ shipping



Open to offers though. Tryin to get rid of it!

you’re powering that AT build with two meepo batteries? o_O


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Bump!! Still for sale!


Bump. Still for sale. Price is negotiable, I need it gone!