[Sell] Meepo 10S2P Standard Battery

[US] Meepo Standard Battery 10S2P 4AH/144WH

Item 1
Description: Maybe 5 cycles on battery. Always cared for correctly. Great battery for quickseap and extra mileage or replacement
Price (USD): OBO

Needs a price my man


I really have no idea how much to ask.


It’s small but in good shape. Ask $100.


I would’ve said 95$ as its 30% from new but 100$ sounds reasonable.

E: For anyone wondering, they are 20r cells.
E2: even says it on the battery whoops.


[quote=“Cam1221, post:1, topic:44195”]
Price (USD): $100 +shipping

Is that how I add the price? I will do $100+shipping like you all say. Thanks for the help.

Either just make a comment or edit your main post (Which you currently can’t do due to missing permissions if i remember correctly.

Should be enough.

Thanks guys. I am located in Norcal but will most likely end up shipping this. What is the safest way to do that as a seller. I’d rather not pay ebay 11% to ensure the sale…

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Usps ground Flatrate. Medium. Usually $15 a

Slap some lipo warnings on there

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couldn’t I used facebook’s free shipping and no fees program going on right now?

No idea dude. Battery shouldn’t be shipped in planes. So just make sure.its lipo safe.

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