Self driving boards

What do ya reckon? Slap a camera and an AI chip in a board? (yes steering would be an issue but whatever)


We are not in april.

It takes multiple cameras to set this up. I ventured into this a little but derailed when I realized how many cameras are needed and hiw many components it requires.

Thats not saying it couldn’t be down sized to just front and rear cameras and maybe adruino ran. Would be perfect setup for multiple boards on a group ride.

Some hurdles:

  • Speeding up or braking suddenly can throw the person off guard. (Less of an issue when you’re sitting on a bike for example)
  • You’d need the human to steer.
  • Not to much room for the electronics it requires (center top mount maybe?
  • this requires like $1-$3k worth of electronics gear
  • this will be SLOW. like 10km/h MAX. The cameras and processing power you’d be using cant possible safely navigate at such high speeds we go at. (See point 1)