Seeking opinions on unconventional battery experiment.

I had some leftover vrusend caps that I wanted to make use of.
I am doing a battery experiment trying to get vrusend kit to work with samsung 40t cells.
I basically ripped the metal contacts out of the plastic vrusend caps and 3d printed holders that would support 21700 cells since vrusend only fits 18650.
I have a working 10s1p battery and I am looking to expend this pack to 10s3p or 12s2p since vrusend has 30 caps per pack. This is only the second battery I’ve made so there may be things wrong with it that I cant see. I’d like to know this before expending to a larger configuration.
If anyone smart then me can see anything horrible wrong with this design then please tell me. Also please explain why.

Well first of I see you are a fellow follower of the Great Jank, welcome the covenant.
That said:

  • the discharge wire looks like 14awg so thats pretty damn thin.
  • You should shrink wrap over the terminals or whole battery since any stray or loose bit of metal can cause potential shorts.
  • the zip ties will inevitably fail, better to have bolts with this method.

I think @Winfly had a simlar method using braided copper and 3 printing.

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yeah I just used some leftover 14awg wire since it already had an xt60 connected to it and I was being a lazyass. what would be a good wire guage for this? I have researched this but sources are inconsistant which only adds to my confusion.

how will the zipties fail? Might be a stupid question but they aren’t holding a lot of weight and I used alot of them.

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The vibrations will kill them. It’s pretty unreal what vibrations can do to plastics over time.

And you’d want 10awg with 12 being minimum