Sanding down my stock deck - now what?

Hey guys- read a bunch about random orbital
Sanders blah blah- decided to do it old fashioned way- taking off the spray frit on this deck to inlay flat copper braid on top and cover w grip tape in making my new build- after I get the top smooth enough… what do I need to do afterwards? Just rinse w water and then drop on the grip tape? image image

You want to keep moisture off the deck so coat it with a layer of finish, poly, or epoxy to protect it. You might as well do it after you route the slot but before laying the wire in, the put some kapton tape ontop of the wire to keep it secure, then the griptape job

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I may not even route a spot for the wires as I don’t think boosted does- they’re going to be the copper flat braids

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If you can make a think recess it will make the grip tape completely smooth, I think Boosted does have a thin routed section because they use round silicone wires to connect the enclosures


I am pretty positive that boosted did route a cable channel into the Vanguard Flex 3 decks for their v2 boosted boards. That said, the deck is so lovely and light and I understand not wanting to weaken it in any way. If you are careful and fill back in on top of the wires with something like wood putty I think the end result is the cleanest. I would personally be bothered if I could feel or see the cables under the grip tape, but that may be my particular OCD. I am excited to see how this comes out. Good luck with your build!

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Please wear protective mask when you do any of this

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I’ve never done any wood working before- how do I know if enough of the grit is gone?

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This is where I’m at now… have i taken off too much if the board is turning slightly white beneath ??

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No that’s good. Make the rest look like that. You want none of the glossier, darker color.

Might need to finish it by hand though, your orbital sander might not be hitting the groove right.

Thanks guys- also reading about glass frit for shits and giggs… wondering if I should attempt on this build- lots of reading to learn

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