Safe clearance measurement - how to?


Anybody knows some simple yet effective way to measure a safe clearance / enclosure height?
I have a 175 mm pneumatics on DKP (flipsky), so there is plenty of room there, but I want to be sure what is a safe maximum.

I find it hard to measure it by myself when the deck is in full lean (turn). Any advice?

what’s tour enclosure height? first things first, gotta have an enclosure that’ll hold what you wanna put into your build (and tbh, that’s all you really wanna go off of, unless it’s clearly too much.)

given that you have 175mm wheels, you should be fine up to maybe a staggered pack?

in addition, static clearance testing isn’t always a clear indicator if you have good clearance or not. in riding there’s gonna be more forces , more pushing you can do, and it’ll likely exceed what you found just standing still and leaning.

in short, if you feel it’s pretty close to the ground while you’re just standing still, it’s probably gonna bottom out.

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