Rpm issues on my new Diy setup

So. I builded my first diy board, finished it after burning a few espensive parts but got it going. My setup is 63100s maite 170kv motors, 12s4p molicel p42, Stormcore 60D+. At 70amp motor current. My test motors where flipsky 6354s and was getting 35+mph on 190kv now im stuck at 30mph. I checked rpm and its doing 4 300 when it should be at about 7,000. 100000 rpm limits all the way around. Any ideas? Tha ks in advance

whats your ERPM limit?

Is it because you arent at higher amp range?

I think 100000

Dont think so. Higher amps will only increase torque

So 190kv motors are faster than 170kv, if you used to go 35 mph you should be expecting 31 mph now

Put it on the bench and get erpm values for both motors at full charge and see what you get?


I understand 190kv is faster than 170. Off the ground its doing 4,300 rpm instead of the calcuated 6,000+. Is there a way to adjust the motor efficiency? I mainly use the mobile vesc app