Rims for urethane wheels?

Do they make rims for urethane wheels? It will be cool if they allow us to change the size as well with the same rims. 97mm to 110mm. It will be like a slide in design. I photoshop this.

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Like Trampa gummies?


I never heard them.lol what is the size?

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125mm. I’ve never tried them, but I’ve heard plenty of lukewarm reviews


I guess how would you provide adhesion to the rim when we know delaminating is a problem?


AFAIK gummies were a friction fit, and centrifugal expansion can be a problem. Guess we need steel belted thane lol


Steel belted?

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Like car tires have


When do we stop calling them sk8s and start calling them vehicles?


Yeah they’re gross. Incapable of doing much over 35kph

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When you register them with the DMV. Don’t give in.

Pictured: “skateboard”


I think the fundamental concept of having a rim for urethane wheel for rims is not a bad one.

Instead of going for monster wheels using urethane, I think a core that was around 60-75mm would be best. From their you could make 105-120mm wheels pretty easily. After that size, you would probably start to see diminishing returns due to the weight of the urethane.

To get around the issue of urethane flying off the rim, you have the urethane bonded to a relatively thin plastic sleeve that has extensions that mechanically lock into the urethane. Then that urethane/sleeve combo and can be placed on the rim. The rim could have something like a bead lock or something to hold the urethane/sleeve firmly in place.

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You’re a bit too late for that:

They have always been vehicles


I don’t see skateboard on there sir lol

Electric skateboards are things, and have been transporting people or goods on land for a long time.


Must not have been a very good one :clown_face:

Sorry my jokes arent up to your liking. I’ll be sure to cater to your needs next time.

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So I actually came across this, looks really interesting

I’m not sure. What?