Right angle 2P JST-PH connectors. Anyone has some?

Hi, I ordered a bunch of 2P JST-PH right angle connectors from AliExpress for the DAVEGA X assembly. The package seems to have got lost though. Financially it’s nothing. The price was like $3 for 100 pcs. However, I don’t really have the time to wait for another month. So I’m looking for another source, else I have to significantly delay the next batch of davegas.

Does anybody (ideally in EU) happen to have some they could spare? Or do you know of a good source in EU? I haven’t had any luck in the local electronic shops. They do have the straight ones but not the right angled ones.




Next day delivery.

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Thanks. The problem is:

Free delivery to Czech Republic on orders of $60,00 USD or more.
A delivery charge of $30,00 USD will be billed on all orders less than $60,00 USD.

This was supposed to be $3 shipped. :sob:


Just buy JST’s for 60 USD worth? :smiley: set for life!

Maybe buy some of them SMD esp32 modules? they’re pretty reasonably priced, 3.7 bucks

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Found this
Unfortunately it’s more expensive than $3

Check amazon. On UK amazon, you can get these “JST Kits” with a ton of jsts for about £5~6. Might have what you’re looking for?

So I bit the bullet and went for the digikey order at the end. I found a few other things I needed. It was still fkin expensive, especially after the customs office charged me 450 CZK on VAT. I wonder what exchange rates those people use in order to come up to the conclusion that 21% of $60 is 450 CZK. :roll_eyes:

Anyway, the main message I want to relay here is: Those digikey JST connectors are absolutely awesome! I would have never though that there can be any difference from the cheap Chinese ones that I normally buy but there is! Here’s the thing. The cheap ones have straight legs whereas the digikey ones have cleverly bent legs. It’s done such that when you put them through the hole, they just sit in place and they are perfectly aligned. It’s a pleasure to work with them. With the cheap connectors, I always spend a few minutes getting them aligned. Plus, I have to be super careful when flipping the PCB over to solder them, otherwise they fall off.

Here’s a quick vid: https://youtu.be/FaFantvqZz8

I regret that I wasted a part of the $60 budget on solder wire and haven’t instead taken @linsus’es advice on purchasing a lifetime supply of those connectors. :laughing:

BTW, shipping from digikey was super fast. I ordered on Monday evening and it arrived yesterday (Thursday). From the US to Czech Rep. Really good service this digikey. You definitely pay for it though.


Pretty sure you bough the ones that had “right/left angle” in thier desciption :slight_smile: both straigth and angled exists on digikey (and in china too ofc, pretty sure JST has thier factory there anyway)

Regarding the shipping, it usually arrived the next day for me when i order at work. Was proba bly customs holding your parcel :smiley:


So I tried searching for right/left angle JST connectors on aliexpress but no luck. Any ideas on a cheap source? I’m slowly running out of the nice ones from digikey and I really don’t want to return to using the shitty ones. :slight_smile:


Arrow.com has jst. They’re similar to mouser/digikey. I ordered a bunch of stuff (cheap) when they used to have free overnight shipping no minimum, but that seems gone.

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