Reverse Motor mounts [Can/Usa]

Please point me to where i can find some (2) reverse motor mounts in canada or USA

im trying to build a gift for my son but the mounts are proving to be very difficult to obtain.
even harder being in canada!

im aware of boardnamics but we are all at teh mercy of the Ports being backed up with no ETA as to when its going to be unloaded

Please Help!


I don’t have any but specifying the type of trucks you have might help.

Ya… I guess that would help eh!!

I just got my trucks today from mboards 218mm caliber II compatible

boardnamics is my go to.

TB also has some.

Dicky Ho mounts i have also used a ton.

ships from China, but last order of pulleys i recently got only took 3 weeks

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Tb is out of stock and had a slight issue with them and response time to my emails. so I will not be ordering from them.
But I will check other sources you suggested

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I have a used set of boardnamics mounts with idler and a set of hangars, DM me if you want 'em

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Sent Dm.
Let me know

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