Resin printed superstar pulleys

For the past month I’ve been tinkering with my 3D printer and I’ve come to the conclusion that with the right material, durable pulleys can be produced for very cheap. The pulleys I printed have been riden for about 20 miles on rocky off road settings and they are now being put to use with my trampa gummies where they seem to work fantastically. I can print pulleys out with custom sizing if anyone is interested. The only limitation is that the largest pulley I can print is a 65 tooth. I’m also beginning the process of modeling kegel core and abec core pulleys.


Awesome. I’d be in for a set of kegels if/when you produce them


Does printed resin last longer that ôter printed material?

Also sales thread needs pics and price.


perhaps we need a category for gauging interest/possible product discussion


@Tamatoa the resin I use is much stronger than even petg plastic and is very heat and abbrasion resistant. The pricing depends on the size and complexity of the pulley


I agree. That could get a lot of use on this forum.


Interesting, how much did you ride them?

I’m going to snag some photos tomorrow but until then you’ll just have to take my word for it when I say they came out beautifully.


About 20 miles of hardcore off-roading and just a few chips on some of the corners of the teeth which is purely aesthetic. They’ve held up very well and I intend on using these a lot more in the future.

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As far as pricing goes I would like to sell them at a price that makes sense so let me know if you have any input. For a 60t pulley that can use a 20 mm wide belt or anything smaller the cost to print it is about 15 dollars. The print itself takes 17-20 hours and it takes about two hours of post processing before they’re ready for use. Because of the way they print and The way I have to process them, these prints get vastly more difficult the larger they are so something like a 36t kegel pulley is likely to be about 3/5 the price of a superstar pulley.

@bluespike12 I can have a set of kegels printed and ready to go in three days tops if you really are interested. How many teeth do you want?

Moved this to Vendor Corner since you don’t have the details worked out yet. This is cool. We need to have someone offering a service like this.

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@BillGordon thanks!! It means a lot coming from such an experienced builder!

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Now you’ve gone and done it. Let’s see who mentions that I have an Exway first.


Regardless of whether or not you have an exway, you should try out my pulleys on another board an tell me what you think. I think some user input from someone besides myself would be a huge help. If you’re interested I could give you a discount or something so that you get them for crazy cheap and I won’t be losing money. Win win!

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Can I ask what resin you’re using? because right now I’m just using some cheapo ABS-“like”

I have four other boards, so I will give it a thought. I just took delivery of three sets of pulleys on Tuesday, though.

I’m getting to the point of mostly riding Haggy trucks (two sets and counting), so pulleys with an integrated bearing are a big deal for me.

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I’d put at least a few hundred miles if not a thousand before selling them


Pics please :call_me_hand: @Printedprecision

I can share a list of high-mileage testers you could work with. If you want to talk about that, send me a PM.

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