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I was a bit wary after reading the noises issues experienced with APS 80xx, maybe this model better luck

@3dservisas recomended me those frrchobby 8072, they are sensored as well

Or there is the Leopards, but they would need sensors added…or encoders

The noise issues have been mainly with the 8072 motors. They have a different design than the 8085 motor size.
One thing I forgot to mention.
If you buy 80xx motors than you need different motor mounts or as min an adapter as the bolt pattern is different. This bolt pattern also differs with any brand. So a APS 80xx motor wouldn’t fit on a leopard 8072 motor mount.

That’s actually all the riptide parts on a spud deck lol. Was just bored at 3am.
Riptide deck has maytech parts now. Just needs an enclosure. Im gonna redeck the maytech parts on another deck too but im still working on it.
All the riptide parts are going back on the riptide deck and im giving that to my wife for getting to work.

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@Kug3lis seemed to be using 80100 if I’m not wrong, from that post ^ it seems he had harmonic resonance too

I am using drives which have support for 80xx motors - 3DServisas 5:1 v2, 9" tires


That’s right.
Didn’t know about kugis issues, but about as min 3 others have had issues with 8075 motors.
I can confirm that this high pitching noise comes not only on 80xx APS motors. Also the 6384 motors have similar issues at a specific rpm.
It’s not affecting the riding but sound strange.
I got it under control with battle harden the motors.

APS bought or maybe still buy there motors from freerchobby so I wouldn’t expect batter quality from there.

I would rather get a group buy done with leopard 8072 or maytech 8085 motors.
They more expensive but also more reliable.

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Pictures and nothing else

How many moneys??

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$199.99 when it’s out. :fire:


Lookin good big man… might have to grab some of these for my TB build with Evolve deck


@torqueboards May i ask you the distance from the center of the hanger to the center of the wheel bolt?
Just interested if any of the existing pulleys I have would fit on them.

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@Andy87 What are you referring too? The AT wheels above or the standard setups?

The bolt pattern of the AT hubs.

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@Andy87 At the price above. It will include 2x 62T 15mm Drive Wheel Pulleys. :relieved:


Duuuuude. Rad.


That’s nice @torqueboards :ok_hand::+1:
Are the pulleys non the less removable or molded to the hub?

@Andy87 Pulleys are molded to the hub and held on with a bearing. You can use the same mounting holes as the holes that are used to secure the rim together. But using our pulley should be a lot easier. That way you can easily swap and just change belt and tires.


Will the wheels work with the dd

@DEEIF That’s the plan. You’ll need an adapter though which we still need to test.


are adapters available?

Yes. Etoxx sell adapter for aps and leopard motors and one which fit both


really hoped for a yes but was expecting to have to make something - refreshing :grin: