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Yoooo I go there once a year! We own a condo right across the street on the beach side. It’s the round brown house. Will be down there end of next month if you’re there often.


Dang man, I’m broke, why would you torture me by introducing me to cool new tools? :joy:

I like to travel as light as possible though, and no backpacks so I can roll off a fall, so don’t have room for one anyway

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Holy crap, those are gorgeous. So jealous. Cloudy here in NYC tonight. :pensive:


Right?! Drive 4 hours north. I wish I would have thought ahead and planned on camping on a high peak. I can only imagine what that would look like.

And find a friend with a better camera than my phone :joy:


Barely visible


That’s how it looked here too :pensive:

I remember seeing it once when I was a kid and it was absolutely surreal. Like eclipse level weirdness.

I’m out in the middle of nowhere Utah and it was barely visible but I was stoked. I didn’t expect anything this far south in latitude. Zero light pollution probably helped

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what app is that?

Is this one of the new urethane belts?

It’s a batch that had a mistake, the wrong duro of thane was used. So this was expected

@jack.luis how does she ride?

I’ll know this weekend hopefully, been juggling many projects lol

I’ll record a video of some turns

I love me some table :ping_pong: Looking forward to my kids being old enough to get a table.


I’m in dad joke heaven with these cookies, asking “ you wanna fuck?!”


I also have a lifeling obsession smacking rhose bouncy little bastards… will play for hours in end

wait a minute🤔

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Idk who actually made it but I found it on thingiverse

It’s designed one and then gave up bc this one is sick

Thanks to whoever did that one

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@Titoxd1000 what are those?

PS: how can I reply on posts from another thread over here?

Clearly needed more slime :kissing_heart:


They are duality trucks. That particular version is still in the prototyping phase while the mountainboard style version is already available.

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