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Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they want to show off their ignition coil and distributor. It’s probably bleeding-edge tech they have there.

I’ve never seen the gas one in person but the electric ones rip, someone in my group has one and it’s really janky looking and definitely doesn’t look like a product but it’s pretty cool

Yes, I visited the page.

You design your own mounting system like a GoPro mount?

Need to use Gyroid infill at 50% or so and 5 to 7 walls. Works well even with PLA+

@Venom121212 funny you should post this. I was just thinking about something like this after my ride yesterday. wheels dug in on a sandy berm and I feel / went hopping off with one foot still stuck in the board. Decided to rip the rest of the ride with bindings off.

I found that I really liked the feeling of pressing my feet up against the binding strap points - using them as footstops.

I think a more tall and aggressive foot stop, but not so much hook shaped, would be a great alternative to bindings.

Hmm, gotta try that.

Makes sense, I thought about it being more squishy. I mostly just like using honeycomb on clear filaments, cause it looks cool.

The more I hear about cloudwheels, the more I feel like it’s a really bad design. Madwheel105-style seem like a way better alternative.

Whoa, I remember seeing the prototype pictures few years ago. After seeing the videos of this thing in action, it actually makes a lot of sense.
It’s like a mountainboard but with a kicktail, big drive wheel and a full suspension. Like a onewheel that cannot nosedive and can be outfitted with a proper motor.

Very interesting design, a lot of potential. I’d want to get just the frame of this thing at some point. Like add lighter wheels, concave footpads, some massive outrunner with a chaindrive.


So the drive wheel is on a swingarm, the motor is mounted to the arm to the front of the pivot, there’s a coil of bungie cord beyond the wheel axle that works as a shock.
I’m trying to figure out how the front suspension works, seems like the front footpad is on an axle too.

I actually don’t hate the electric versions. The handle is stupid but may actually help you stay on. With some polishing, I could allow it.

From the videos it seems like the front truck is very twitchy, very little preload, like a mountainboard truck without bushings. The handle seems to help stabilizing the whole thing.

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If this is your first experience with the loaded hubs, make sure you tighten down those nuts so the cone washers don’t come loose and rip the wires out of the hub on a hard brake or accel.

Dont ask how I know please.


After torquing it down I still am kinda hesitant with em, can’t think of a good way to lock them down except switching to caliber 2s and putting a key slot at the interface… lot of work and they’ll probably be fine. Just making a little last mile commuter so it doesn’t have to be super burley

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Sorry I never replied…

This is the only picture I took while testing. It’s basically just COB LEDs taped against the hollow pockets of the deck. Not as fancy as you probably expected… Landyachtz’s “hollowtech” is just CNC milled pockets in the deck with triaxial fiberglass laid on both sides, which allows light to shine through.
After this picture I extended the LEDs, glued plastic clips to secure the LEDs along the deck, heatshrunk the buck converter ontop of the BMS and insulated everything.
This setup ran for two days before I burnt the buck converter, and then I sold the battery and gave up on my life.
I’m planning on making my own Hollowtech decks hopefully in the future aswell.



Where did you get those fenders from?

@jack.luis designed them, I printed these, doing filament swaps to add the rally stripes


Show me more of the little board would you.

When it’s ready :grin:



The boosted rep in ya doesn’t die, love it.
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These things were at esk8con terrorizing racers