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Did you just buy 4!?

Guys I think someone’s starting a race team.


MAD racing incoming!


Shit yeah boiiiiii… :star_struck:

Tell me these are ciming in 10mm?

:smile: Yeah mooo do me some of that stuff

It’s so funny ; whenever i pass along some in a range of 50 to 100 meters to where i’m having a little break/smoke, they really seem to dig that crazy contraption that the human is riding :smile:

  • just about every time they come up and take a look-see ! And if one comes over ; the rest of the girls follow and they start to crowd up.

🖼 Pictures and Nothing Else! - #15663 by ApproachCautiously And just like that I converted another member to a proper helmet. If I win the lottery full face helmet for every one.

I’m glad it fits and you made it yours


You truly are living up to the name sk8tedad. Good man, teeth are important.

It is not done yet, but it is one step closer to being done. Gonna put that CS paint on top and then add a clear enamel coat since the CS paint isn’t an enamel paint. I knew I’d be more likely to use it daily if I made it look A E S T H E T I C

I was going to tag you or send photos directly to you once it was fully done but got impatient and posted progress photos early

Nah, my teeth are already fucked. :rofl: It is my jaw that I don’t want to break again and also don’t want another black eye. The bruising is healed but there is still some blood under the skin or inflammation on my check 3 weeks after the fall. :weary: