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These aren’t obtainable by chance are they?

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Only one or two sets of these around.

Are there files available if I were inclined to make my own?

I have an avio collecting dust because no gears :frowning:

I just need the wheel gears. Those are the specialized cut.

Good luck getting somewhere to make herringbone gears


It’s really not that bad. If anyone just added a central runout groove to a herringbone gear, the tool wouldn’t collide with the other spur set.

You can also interlock two opposite spur gears and just leave a small gap in between to allow for clearance.

Wust patented a neat herringbone design that offsets the spur pattern so that there is a gap for this as well. Honestly shocked no one has put out a 2 spur herringbone setup with how thin our gear drives have gotten. Bet Apex is on it.



please tell me these will be on your website soon :pleading_face:
i literally just checked your website yesterday to see if you had 6355s available
settled for maytechs cause i couldn’t find em but i’ll snag 4 soon as they’re up :eyes:

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They are! Only 3 sets on hand though…

ah poop

I’ll keep an eye out for if/when more are in stock :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
what kv will they be?

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Got 1 pair of 175kv and 2 pairs of 205kv in stock. Will be sticking with those kv


perfect :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

i’ll be waiting!


you have 2 pairs of 205 kv?

i need 4 motors, that’s, 2 pairs :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes:

i may or may not have taken your whole stock of 205kv
i’m on coffee


You’re on coffee😂

Thanks for the order dude I’ll get them shipped out tomorrow🤙


hell ya :rofl:

i will further be on coffee arriving home on June 2nd at 1am and trying to put my board together for a ride by 10am the same morning


@deeznuts_pwned i had one of those, it semeed great when i first tested it then when i went to use it a few months later the welds are absolute shite, no matter how well prepped the electrodes are. Did some research and apparently theyre very dangerously built too - be careful!

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yeh most chinese electronics are dangerous, that’s half the fun of using them. :firecracker: :fire: :fire_extinguisher: :+1: :ok_hand:

My kids card to me, they know me well


Can we please have a glamor shot of the offset drive motor mounts? I know they are every day bargin bin parts (dime for 13 etc ),im just a fan of the asterics. Sweet board!! :fist: :metal: :call_me_hand:

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it is the magic smoke that makes them dangerous ! I have found that once you free this smoke demon from the said Chineesium electronics ,they are rendered harmless,stationary and not much fun.
Im not sure how they trap the smoke in there but i have gotten pretty good at freeing the smoke demons #freesomkedemons #letmysmokedemonsGO! #fucktaylorswift

Running a fardriver on mine (nd72680)

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What did you have to do to not lose display, turn signals, etc? Been looking to swap a FarDriver into my onyx eventually but there is dangerously little info I can find

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