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Yeah real nice. Are they yours?

Soon to be. I have half the board just trying to finish paying the second part. Shouldn’t be more than a month ish! Should be able to put out about 12-13k watts pretty easily:)

Looks like u had quite a fussy customer with all those power leads.


He’s such a wanker. Hopefully he likes the packaging.


Absolutely spot on

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I could still use some sleep…

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Cheers @moog

I have looked into it for sure and I would definitely like to experiment with it!

My issue with these ‘experiments’ is that they usually end up being very expensive because i’m a ‘learn by fucking shit up’ kinda guy :rofl:

I’ve been playing with infusion for a couple of years now and this is the first mold/enclosure that i’ve actually been able to get good, repeatable results with. I shudder to think of how many hours/dollars it’s taken me to get to this point :rofl:

Now that I am working with this stuff from a ‘business’ perspective, rather than a hobbyist/“fuck around and find out” perspective, i needed to produce this mold in a manner that I had the most confidence would ‘just work’.

I’m very pleased to say that the enclosures were the part of this project that I dreaded the most but they actually turned out to be the part of the project that worked the best and all in I am reasonably happy with the results.

If time/money allows in the future, I may experiment with silicone bagging, but for the time being, I just gotta stick with what I know!


I know what you mean with expensive experiments, I’ve wasted lots of materials learning, best done
when your working for some one else. I used it a while ago and it worked pretty well for a small run of skull caps for stunt men to wear under wigs for hidden protection. Instead of infusion we wet layed it up,
popped a layer of peelply and breether cloth then slapped the silicone on. I think we just used a bit of
petroleum jelly to help it seal. But it was so much less hassle than bagging up each time.
All the best with this, you’re putting a lot of old pro’s to shame, it looks great.


Which motors are these for? (I’m assuming they’re for motors)

These are for the 6485 and 6495 motors I sell, bearings rated for 150c and 40,000 rpm :fire::fire::fire:


ocean water? :rofl:

I know, virtually no metal bearings can handle that


Doubt lol :laughing: but we can try :eyes::eyes: who said the only thing we can test with salt water is nickel :eyes::fire::fire:

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How long should I leave?




I don’t know, shooting from the hip, I’d say mimic a 15 minute long skate on wet salty roads and then a 14 hour sit in the closet without being touched, and THEN see how they roll

It’s usually the closet sit that kills 'em


Now it sits


Are those studded tires on the EUC guessing the board was fine?


Lol, yeah, ran into a buddy delivering food on the studded mten4. Thing is so tiny, cant imagine riding it is easy


I hear they have ZERO water resistance.

NGL, it looks cool otherwise.


Yeah I heard learning on a small one is difficult, but that small form factor makes it very tempting. But I’ve also heard they’re plagued with problems so idk.

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