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Replacement tyres for an ET2

Hi everyone,

So my time has finally come and I’ve been sucked in to the world off DIY after riding production boards for over a year.

My first project is to fully replace all electrical components in my ecomobl ET2. My plan for now is to keep the planetary gear drives deck and trucks.

What I really want to do is also change the tyres on this board also but the stock tyres are the airless rubber which are 200x55. Ive looked around and it seems like the 55m width is my biggest issue as I can’t seem to find any where that does that width.

Has anyone came a across any pneumatics with dimensions of 150x55-175x55?

I will be completely stripping down the wheel with the planetary drive motor inside at the week en to see exactly what may have to be done. Going wider to possibly 60mm is probably a decent option.

Any recommendations welcome, I know it may not be possible but I would like to try.


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