Replacement bms 60a

Hi,currently looking for a replacement bms,would like to replace for the exact same 60a bluetooth xiaoxiang one.
Found one from china for £30 but if anyone has one UK/EU and could help me out sooner would take it off your hands :crossed_fingers:
Pics attached!

Most people will recommend you bypass discharge on your BMS.

@ApexBoards sells the bms from the same OEM and is in the UK. Apex Smart Bluetooth BMS (12S) – Apex Boards

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Bypassing isn’t always the best option.

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Thanks for the link! Yh bypass isn’t an option,i have ran through 2 brand new xeniths until i now use one with the antispark bypassed and use a bms switch,all was running smooth till i now i cant charge or connect my phone!

Still looking for a 60a max discharge xiaoxiang “jbd” bms as in the photo if anyone has one,hit me up would appreciate it👍

just order them fom, they make them and the shipping is reasonably quick.

The newer models use a different jst connector, so it wouldn’t be a straight plug and play operation, but I would also recommend just buying a brand new one from LLT

Have one ordered already now,needed the 60a seems hard to find locally…

You just made my day! Cant wait to fit the new one!
So they changed it so theres no more soldering switch wires on but thought fuck it we will change the whole jst balance connection…makes sense :thinking:
Whisky o clock!

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@glyphiks hopefully you could help me out here? Got the new bms,not had a chance to look at it properly yet,will get to fitting it tomo,from first glance you were right different jst balance but i can see another issue,photo below any help before i get stuck in would be appreciated.

@b264 any idea as to where the discharge should be soldered? Will try find a wiring diagram in a bit just want to be sure!

Its a common port bms, so charge and discharge use the same spot, C-

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Cheers fella,i did end up finding the diagram also,booked in for a transplant later lol :+1:

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Dont want terrible things to happend! Lmao

@glyphiks so the new bms fitting went smoothly! One slight problem,the bms is constantly on,sending power to my esc even with the switch wires disconnected?
Am i missing something? Ive messaged them but it will take a while to get a responce!

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All good just updated the app and found the toggle in settings :ok_hand: :+1: :grinning:

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