Remote for vesc , which parts to DIY OLED display?

Looking to upgrade my PPM remote for something with a display on it , I want to go DIY so a nuchuck with oled + arduino nano is probably the way to go as i already have them.

Problem is theres a multitude of guides out there and im confused about which will work with the latest VESC software? I have a flipsky bluetooth nrf51 fitted but not sure if its compatable with a remote , and if so what module do i need for the remote to talk to it.

Dont mind loosing the flipsky NRF51 if a simpler setup can be used such as a couple of NRF24L01+ modules , but do those modules work with the latest vesc software , i just dont know.

So any advice on what I should get to work with my hardware/software and any simple guides out there would be realy helpful :-

Flipsky Mini FSESC4.20
Flipsky Bluetooth Module 2.4G Wireless Based upon the nrf51
single drive oldschool board

Why not just get a davegax

It costs more than his entire electronics setup combined :japanese_goblin:


Also dude do NOT use a nunchuck. They’re shit, nobody has used one since like 2015 because they don’t make good remotes at all. Its more expensive than just buying a mini remote too


Have you looked up the Firefly remote before? You might get some ideas reading those threads


Davegx is Very nice bit of kit and realy well made. I just want current + range displayed on a remote , anything else is kinda overkill.

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Wii remote wont cost more than a mini remote as all i need is the correct nf modules + code to make it , prob less than £10. The point is i want a display of range/speed and current draw . Also want to learn a bit about the vesc functionality on my skateboard before aplying it to a onewheel im working on.

Don’t use a firefly remote if you live in a city. They don’t do well with interference.

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VX2 isn’t a bad choice, but it might be over budget?


I’ve heard this. I tried building one, in fact it’s still out in my stash somewhere, but I had issues with the nrf chip from the start and never tried to actually fix it. I should probably sell the parts tbh

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Huge deadzone afaik

I could never use it because of that

Bro, I don’t know how familiar you are with code, but look up the “firefly nano” code on github. Then come back to me to tell me if you really want to put that much work into it or rather not.

Firefly nanos too?

Abandoned the Firefly :confused:
Now getting I am getting built the Firefly Nano by a friend

How in gods name can you guys be immune to this cancer GUI design…

I think it’s because of the nrf I used and my 3D print wasn’t great quality. I got another nrf chip but never wired it up

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The whole firefly is a real pita with all its wires etc :confused:

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I don’t really care much for the GUI, or a display at all. just trying out different remotes, and vx2 is relatively cheap plug and play. I can always suggest the wand, but its going to cost more than what OP wants.

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