Remote disconnect due to loopkey wiring??

Recently my 1.5 year old vx2 has been disconnecting from my dv6. It will disconnect either after a quarter mile or a little over a mile. A power cycle would sometimes get the remote to connect but would disconnect shortly after and after a few of these it wouldnt connect at all for a long while. On my last ride it started disconnecting again so I went through the power cycling procces. It worked a few times but would disconnect me after a short ride like always before not connecting again at all. There was one time tho that it reconnected but disconnected as soon as i hit the throttle so i thought maybe it was something weird with the power so i disconnected my loop key. (positives are connected and the negative goes to the key. 12awg wire on 12s batt) Miraculously the remote connected right up and i haven’t disconnected in over 40 miles. It seems to have been the fix.

Can anyone think of why this would happen? Any what i can do to prevent it? I hate taking my board apart to turn on/off

Maybe another wire was hitting the connector that went from the receiver to the VESC when you had previously assembled the board. It sounds like you opened it up but I can’t tell for sure since it makes 0 sense to have a loop key installed on the inside of an enclosure where you can’t even reach it.

Possibly but it disconnected when it was opened up on its back with zero movement.

Loopkey is wired normal, i was saying for now i have to open it up to turn on/off because i don’t have the loop key connected.

Did you put anything on the connector to make sure it wouldn’t come loose? Even just some hot glue is better than nothing although it may melt and soften up enough to come loose if the VESC runs hot enough.

Also sometimes all a device needs is to turn it off and back on again so just unplugging the battery could have fixed it.

connector is fine and i tried plenty of times to restart it. only thing that has fixed it from when it started last week is to take the loop key wiring out. its weird