Remote connection issues

I have run motor detection fine through the Unity app. I’m trying to connect the vx2 but it won’t calibrate. Has anyone got any tips on how I can get this working?

The VX2 is a UART only remote. UART does not require a setup. The setup is for PPM remotes etc.


You can calibrate it via the remote settings itself but i think it’s not a must.

I’m plugged in through the UART and the remote is on but it won’t budge the motors.

Make sure you activate UART mode

Which option is correct though? They mean nothing to me!

Probably 115200

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It’s working now! Bit random but thanks for the help!

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Hi, so i have put in uart, calibrate with the remote and nothing. If I press the throttle nothing on the screen and the motors are not moving. What can I do? Return the remote? 115200 baudrate too. If I try using my hoyst remote everything works. Grrr.

I have also broke the 7 pin connector. So, I’ve put another one with the same 5v, grd, tx,rx connected.