Regarding content

Content has been discussed many times on both forums. Once you post it, its not just yours any longer. The discussion that comes after is built on that post. The entirety of the thread is created by everyone that took part in the thread and its that stewards that content.


I say this all the time, I’m sure it annoys you guys :joy:


Is this basically like how anything that the animators for Disney draws is Disney’s property? No matter if it’s just for fun or for a Disney film

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No, it’s not.

I agree that removing content from a thread will make it impossible to understand to those who are coming to read it later.

On the inventables Forum, the old timers and heavy contributors to the content “were bullied” and/or “couldn’t take criticism or accept other opinion so they left” out of the forum and they asked the forum owner to erase all of their content on the basis that they posted photos of their creations and designs which is considered IP.

Anyways, it has been difficult for noobs to understand some of the threads as sometimes a third has been erased and now it doesn’t make any sense.

Just so everyone is aware, this is in the TOS

This is for those whiners who decide to leave the forum later because they are butthurt and want their content removed because they “own” it.


I was also thinking this:

What happens if the author decides to revoke the CC license to material I am using? The CC licenses are irrevocable. This means that once you receive material under a CC license, you will always have the right to use it under those license terms, even if the licensor changes his or her mind and stops distributing under the CC license terms. Of course, you may choose to respect the licensor’s wishes and stop using the work


Oh shit I did not know it was happening, haven’t check that thread until a few minutes ago.