Red Dragon / Ultimate Carver Urban Style DIY / Trampa-Idea-MBS-CustomDIY

Hi everyone,

For starter, It is an pleasure to be part of the community and see it growing and taking such a place…along the way we learn so much from each other I can thank you all enough !

Setup :

  • Motors : 2 x 6374 10mm axes from @dickyho
  • Motor’s mount : version 7.5 from @IDEA (short version) with adjustable crossbar
  • Deck : MTB deck from @MarkOneBoards from the B-stock action on the forum (DIY carbon skinning on the botom
  • Hubs for the 8 inch : MBS rockstar 2 ( from Vit Cpm in the community)
  • Truck : Trampa Mini Ultimate Spring Truck (hanger from @elfaro )
  • Battery : 10s5p 30Q bestech D140 from @Acido (DIY enclosure pelican type box)
  • VESC : 2 x fesc 4.2 + antispark 200a
  • Remote : VX2 Pro
  • Enclosure esc : DIY 3designed and printed then coated/dipped with epoxy

Let me present to you my new build and dual setup once again from street wheels to 8 inch tires and some crazy gear ration :slight_smile: Let’s start with the story, at first DIY is an addiction I never bought a board and the need for a better and bigger config was soon a need not that I dislike my other board but they can not handle the off-road that well and don’t meet my final satisfaction…So I started looking for some truck and lucky me well I found two mini spring truck from trampa the ultimate version from @elfaro in Sweden which in the end made me buy from trampa the rest of the hardware from the truck (baseplate and such) which was almost as costly as the full truck itself mouaaa ! Nevertheless my goal was to make it light and compact and especially unique so the titanium axe were a blast to have. For the wheelbase some MBS Rockstar 2 from an rider in the community Vit Cpm (thanks again for that) and some custom 72T pulleys with some multiple ration depending on the wheels base and need from 75T/12T-15T-20T with some 230KV from @dickyho while the motors mount are the 7.5 version of the @IDEA dea mount with the adjustable cross bar.

The deck is a manta-B stock from @MarkOneBoards onesboard DIY carbon skinning (a first try for me) on the bottom as the flex was to much for me and the look is bad ass with the red and black :slight_smile: Fitted with either 8 inch or 97 mm flywheels and the 32T/15T ratio (to ride with care)…No a bit of the build process and parts for the vesc two fesc 4.2 and the 200a antispark with the VX2 pro remote and a custom build enclosure while the battery enclosure is a pelican type box DIY with a custom 10s5p 30q made by @Acido
107913797_10217824895237490_5889744178915851276_o 106340101_10217758018525614_4857562907908225062_n
104214501_10217641944383833_2479788677509726233_o 106500570_10217758008605366_1574989828620506089_o
Now the enclosure itself went trough a few iteration from an already existing design suited and modified to my configuration and shaped as I wished…Eskate for life and Esk8Freedom :slight_smile:
To ease the process I 3d printed it and dipped it in epoxy to make it solid and secure…As a off-road board everything fit on top and is swap able in a breeze.

What’s your tough on the esc enclosure : fitting two fesc 4.2 the antispark and the receiver?

Carbon skinning was a touch that I want to try for a long time and the flex of this deck was way too bouncy to my taste so here we go.
96421775_10217283470702215_2842673076074708992_o 109517475_10217915140613568_8516617695177433654_o 115725558_10217915140653569_4383916235513696985_o (1) 116019706_10217915140813573_8030546137252812270_o

Once again thanks @Acido for the custom battery pack ! just awesome :wink:
I wish to recommend him for anyone who need custom battery pack in Europe.

Oh baby I like it low ! So I am almost sure I was pretty close to top speed making some test at 69 km/h GPS checked well at least on that gearing while the 72T/12T is more relax on the top speed the torque is damn good and quite enjoyable.

![118617588_10218221360308869_8002116254186718933_o|666x500] Uploading: IMG_20200816_194640.jpg…

Enjoy and ride safely :wink:


Rock solid, looks great.
Good job strengthening the deck, really like The stance with thanes.

Cool,take care and stay safe😃

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Love the diy spirit! Looks good aswell. Very nice.


thanks a lot mate, only thing I should have done is order the carbon in a roll …take care same for you ride safely

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Thanks a lot I really appreciate your input !

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