Recommendations for the parts

Hello, I am looking forward to building my next board. I am more or less decided on all the parts I want to use, so far it is:

2x Torque boards 6355 motor
Loaded vanguard deck
Caliber II trucks
Orangatang caguama wheels
drive train and controller will be DIY to add my own touch :slight_smile:
Battery will be also DIY 12s1p from turnigy 5000mAh cells

The only thing I am not decided on is the ESC.
I was considering Flipsky at first, but I am worried about the quallity.
Also when I was browsing diyelectricboards site I saw that they are preparing VESC 6 based ESC. So maybe it is wort to wait for.
Or are there better and affordable options for the ESC?

I would like to hear your opinions on my choices and maybe you could help me decide my dilemma with the ESC.

Thanks, drive safely and stay healthy. :slight_smile:

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Yeah if you can wait the Torque 6.64 ESC will be dope af.

nexBOX v6 is also a little bit out but way better than a flipsky.

Might be another good option or two out there or coming soon.


Or you might going directly Trampa VESC? I had bad luck with the Flipsky one. Broke down within 1 month.

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Yes, Trampa makes the best current VESC, but it’s price-prohibitive.


are you going to make your own enclosures?

I would love to be able to afford Trampa one day. But unfortunatly right now I’m just a poor student so I cannot afford those :smiley:

Which cells? If it’s only 1P, I hope it’s LiFePO4

If you mean these I would look for another option. Those won’t last very long at all.

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Only other concern is 2 X 6355 is a tight fit with cal2 trucks with 15mm wide belts also most pressfit pulleys won’t work with them without modification. a lot of bolt on pulleys also require some filing down of the hangers. Torqueboard or Paris profile trucks are more pulley friendly.

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It also requires two ESCs, but you can use ESCs rated for much less current.

But if you have space and whatnot, dual small motors is better than single huge motor. It’s more expensive and physically larger though and often heavier

I recommend against using round hangers for motor mounts. You can always use a file to make the hanger clear inside the pulley.

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Yes, I found awesome looking enclosures on the web, this is how the finished board should look like:

The black parts will be printed in PETG and the orange parts will be either CNCmilled from alumnium or SLS printed with nylon.


They can rotate true I secure mine with a 2mm hole and grub screw and treadlocked, I prefer my cal2s but they can be a pain for a first build.

Why do you think they don’t last long? I thought that Turnigy is reputable brand.

  1. they are lipo, which for me never last long
  2. they are only 20C
  3. it’s only 1P deep

li-ion lasts longer than lipo and LiFePO4 lasts way longer than li-ion

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Fair enough :smiley: I will try to figure out how many of 18650 i can fit in the enclosure.

If I used motor mounts on a round hanger, I would JB Weld them as soon as I knew they were in the right place and the belts ran true and I rode them 500 meters to verify :man_shrugging:

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18650 add a lot of other costs too, such as welding and soldering and battery-making stuff. So it’s not the golden answer.

But I would not use 1P of 20C lipos and expect it to last very long.

I chose the caliber II mainly because I used them on my first build and have them on hand.
And to be honest I was allways satisfied with this trucks.

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Fortunatly I have access to the spot welder and soldering station, so I think I am covered there :slight_smile:
What other expences besides BMS can you see in batterymaking?

Vibrations. Kill. Everything.

Learning from mistakes is a cost.