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Recommendations for BMS, remote and spot welder?

Looking for recommendations. Going to use a Focbox Unity+. I am only charging at 4A, so I dont need a massive BMS. Ideally a smart BMS so I can look into the battery stats as needed. Regarding the remote, I’ll be in the city with lots of interference. I prefer something like a trigger design or thumb roll. I am not really into the puck. For the spot welder, ideally portable DC or 120VAC, but no 240VAC or 12VDC car batteries. Need something I can use in my house. Making an 12S8P battery.

LLT for the smart BMS, will be a little on the larger side.

Have you tried a puck with a case mod yet? That is probably the best remote you can get right now

Just spend the extra and get a kweld, it’s worth it.

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I dont know what that is.

Are most people running charge only BMSes? Seems like the way to go. Cheap and small.


Yes. A discharge BMS can sometimes take out an ESC if it trips. FlexiBMS is a great small smart BMS.

KWeld is pretty much the standard for welders. Very small but needs a battery. You can use a high discharge lipo pack if a car battery is too large.

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There are multiple different case mods for the puck, the puck puck bruce, the batwing, the Poastmote, and a couple others

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any idea who has the flexi in stock?

thinking of getting the Apex ble smart bms 12s but havent heard much about it.

Its a great bms. Cheep and cheerful. Its a go to bms for many battery builders.

Good luck finding a flexi tho, your best bet is that you’ll find somebody who is willing to let one go from their stash. I believe @Skyart was selling a couple the other day

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