Reachers motor weather resistant?

How weather resistant are Reacher motors? I heard they can handle small rocks with their open can design but unsure how well they handle water compares to sealed motors like Flipsky. Any feedback helps. I ride alot when it rains or wet so priority is weather resistant.


The only issue for most motors is going to be salt water, regular water is fine and the sensor PCB on most reacher variants including mine is potted to provide water resistance.


Dope, just ordered a set from you.


I cant speak for reacher motors in general but when designing the V5 6485 I added mesh on the air intakes to prevent debris ingestion and didn’t worry about the exhaust vents because the spinning fan blades keep stuff out. We also asked reacher to coat the sensor PCB for water resistance although conductive dust/salt can still short the sensors themselves as the pins are slightly exposed.

I do power sliding in gravel nearly every time I ride and also ride in the rain way too often but haven’t had any problems. Not that I condone wet riding with them do that at your own risk.