Raptor 2.1 with Flipsky remote and 2 sets of NOS wheels

For sale: Raptor 2.1 with Flipsky remote and 2 sets of NOS wheels. $1100 with free shipping in the lower 48 states

I purchased a Raptor 2.0 from enertion boards with the intent of using the board with my son extensively. Long story short, the board was not used and stored (properly) until this summer I decided to take the board out and use it. When I went to turn it on the battery had died and I was forced to buy a brand new one. In the process of putting in the new battery I disconnected the nano X receiver and inadvertently connected it wrong thereby frying one of the Focboxes. Fast forward to me sending the whole board off to Longhairedboy who was kind enough to work on it replacing essentially everything in the board (new BMS and switch, new motors, upgrade to Unity and Flipsky remote.) Therefore, the Raptor is now a brand new 2.1 with upgraded Flipsky remote. Since the board was never used the urethane and wheels are in perfect condition and unused except for a test run that Damon did once he reassembled the entire board. In addition to the board I am including a brand new, never used set of sleeves for the rear wheels and a complete (4 wheels) unused set of crossover wheels. I have asked Damon and he has given me permission to include him in this post. I’m sure he can verify any questions you may have regarding the work, which was done within the last 3 weeks, if you contact him directly. Feel free to contact me to ask any questions you may have. I will attempt to include proper pictures in this post! The board will come well packaged in its original packaging. Shipping is free within the lower 48 US statesDEoLrCAQRz6WdzNf4%+93Q|375x500


Sorry, I meant to include this as the first picture. I’m terrible with this upload feature…


Any details on what was hooked up wrong? I’m Just curious what kind of wrong connect you can do that blows a focbox? ( @longhairedboy ? )

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He said he plugged the receiver in wrong. I haven’t done a lot of that because of all the painful memories from the beginning but i suppose it might still be a bad thing on occasion. It had plenty of other issues though, so we just replaced everything.


yeah. just wondering what kinda wrong can fry the ESC. but… only if we knew. if we don’t know. then… it doesn’t matter. :slight_smile:

Thanks for keeping someone’s board alive. I have a special place in my heart for rescuing lost things. :slight_smile:


I’m a hoarder too. It’s cool, let it out man, let it all out. @fessyfoo

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Since no movement on the Raptor (I guess I overestimated it) I’ve decided to offer the board itself for $799 without the extra sleeves or wheels. Shipping is still free to the lower 48 states. Feel free to make an offer on the wheels if you’d like. I have some other parts I will also be listing soon.

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