Question about my BMS

Hey guys

I have a question about my BMS

I bought these BMS

And it’s discharge is 30A
But the battery pack that I build is a 10S4p with the Samsung INR18650-30Q 3000mAh - 15A so I can output 60A continuous, so I have a bottleneck on my BMS

My question is, shoud I buy a new BMS and if so which one do you recommend or can I just bypass the BMS on my battery discharge

I read some of you guys talking about how you bypass your BMS on the discharge and and wanted to know your opinion

You can bypass any bms, and I would do it with this one too. Battery - to vesc -, battery + to vesc +, so you discharge directly from battery and that is bypass.
To charge through bms, it goes like this: battery - to bms, charging port - to bms. Charging port + to battery +. Easy.
Mboards is great shop, ask @kook for his experiences


FUCK mike beard and fuck mboards… he charges too much and his batteries are not soundly built…

look elsewhere for parts and especially a battery


and his BMSs are shit and way too fucking big… @dickyho sells tiny 10s BMS that you can bypass they’re like 12 bux… took 2~weeks from china… cheaper…better…smaller… and a much better vendor…

fuck mBoreds