Prototipo Restomod

Since getting into esk8 during the pandemic, I have been an avid reader (and contributed sporadically) of this forum. It’s been a long time coming that I finally have my first dream board. Let me first express my gratitude to @TheBoardGarage for this awesome build and @Tony_Stark for his exquisite components. And I hope they will provide some perspectives to this topic.

I have fallen in love with the Prototipo first upon stumbling into the hobby. The shape and size of the board really appealed to me. Luckily, I was able to acquire a used Proto last summer. Seeing so many restomods for this board, I have always known that would be the path for me as well. The theme was to keep the board as close to the original ethos as possible but with more updated components. I wanted more range and more power, but also wanted to keep the board as light as possible. Things were kept simple… Radium components are lightweight and functional (not to mention beautiful), Mario has similar appreciation for the Proto and shared the same philosophy of keeping the essence of the board alive. Here are a few pictures for everyone to enjoy.


Looks great, man. You picked the right guy to help you out.




Sweet build!! It looks awesome. Super clean.

Protos are great, Lacroix should have kept updating them along side the lonestar instead of replacing them permanently imo


Great build super clean :+1:

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Evil grin

I’m glad to have worked on that board, it was quite the journey. I took video clips, and I’ll try to get a vlog up about it in a month or so.

I’m glad you like it!


Couldn’t agree with you more. Let’s see what @TheBoardGarage comes up with :slight_smile:

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This build is clean AF.

How do you like it so far?

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I heart this build and have often wanted to do the same exact thing. Any pics of the inside?

Here are a few from the build phase, but I am sure @TheBoardGarage has more.


Having been riding it last few days given every opportunity. I can say it rides amazingly. I have been playing around with adjustments of the bushings (as the Radium adapters enable the use of Riptide bushings). These bushings are so much more responsive than the MBS ones that came with the truck not to mention benefit of having so many more choices on durometer. I started with higher durometer set-up to ensure more stability as I ease into the higher power. Having replaced to lower durometer set-up today and a few rides under my belt, now the board is more dialed into my ride style. It was super easy to carve but yet it remained stable at higher speed (I hit 36mph without any hint of instability).


Great to hear it rides as good as it looks! The riptide bushings do take a bit to break in, around 50 miles of carving. They then become less twitchy and more turny


@lifeofmanyhobbies would you mind sharing your current bushing setup, weight, and what the ride is like?

I have a lacroix jaws with MBS II arriving tomorrow and I’m thinking about picking up a set of radium adapters to play with the riptide bushings.

Looks fantastic!

@Shadowfax Sure. My ride weight is around 160 lbs. I have the 65A in the front and 70A in the back. I originally had 70A in the front and 75A in the back. Honestly, I didn’t notice much difference in terms of stability at high speed. But the carve is definitely better with the lower durometer bushings. As I have now put more miles on it, the one thing I wish is for the snap back response to be more linear. Hope this helps, congrats on your new board!