Prototipo price question

What sort of price would you value a prototipo at

3-5 years old
All in parts never assembled
Including batteries

@TheBoardGarage : yes

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Parts never assembled?

Are there photos of this Prototipo?

Not currently , I have tracked one down and I’m trying to persuade the owner to sell (I’ve been trying for the last 4 years ! )

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This is your big worry. How has the battery been stored?


I would consider this batt DOA.
But i have battery/range anxiety issues

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I am going to presume the battery has died a peaceful death a long time ago ,18650 batteries stored for several years (not installed in board just in boxes )

Yup. Smart thinking here.

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For me, I’d pay most attention to the deck/enclosure.

Those are the really important bits, and they’re not easily replaced. The rest is still important, but batteries can be replaced, as can almost every other part on a Prototipo depending on how “time period correct” you wanted it to be. But the deck and enclosure is really the crux of it.

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New proto deck and enclosure = $500

All the other parts combined (trucks, rims, tires, motors, ESC) = $500 maybe

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If it were actually entirely unused, I’d probably pay a bit more.


I’m still trying to persuade them to sell so no price is even on the table yet , if Lacroix still sold decks and enclosures them I would have just gone straight to them instead

Sounds like this is edging dangerously close to an auction. :rofl:

Id agree. You see Prototipos regularly around 1,500~ with stock parts. Also I dont care how well cared the batteries are they are on their last leg or already dead. So people are basically paying 1,200-1,500 for a deck, enclosure, drivetrain, remote and esc.