Product launch! Deaf Cruiser Deck

Hey guys,

After increase interest in our deck, we have decided to put it up on our website( ).We are selling in batch orders of 20 decks per batch. Price per deck is $104.99, with griptape is $114.99, and with a T-Tool a dollar extra. Shipping is a flat rate of $20 through USPS. We currently can only ship to domestic US. Specs are listed on the website and the first batch ends in 8 days. If you have questions please ask below.


Regional longboard riders! Though they are not on the forum, we can go out to DC and get forum users on it, Im sure they will be happy to try it out.

Can we get a photo that highlights the concave? Looks like a chubby Jet Spud

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Sure, I’ll add it to the thread. It is similar except instead of a progressive concave its radial.

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Added the pictures that feature the concave. You can see the radial better when the board is flipped upside down. With the deck upright the lighting captures the board looking a little flat but the shadows captures the curves.

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So are you deaf or there’s some other meaning? #madlad if you are deaf.


Im am deaf, been losing my hearing progressively since birth(even started with hearing loss). Thanks for the #madlad


+1 respect hommie


Where are you located?

Northern Va about 45min away from DC

That makes you around an hour and a half from me depending on the belt way. Let’s go skate!

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@Deaf_Tech what board do you ride?

What do you mean? A deck I’ve rode before or an esk8?

Same here!

Think hes just asking what you ride normally .

Just wondering if you ride an esk8 thats all

Yes, I do ride esk8. I like to think I do a healthy mix of both longboarding and esk8, but esk8 has something about it that just takes a little bit more of my time.

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