ProBUDDY Kits for electronics from Sunday Robotics

Hello everyone, Kanber here again… Its been a while… During this time I’ve Started Up Sunday Robotics, created a product called ProBUDDY Kits and launched a Kickstarter campaign.

ProBUDDY Kits ease the development of (mainly) electronics based projects. With ProBUDDY Kits it becomes so easy to work on, carry, store, demonstrate projects anytime & anywhere.

Please feel free to ask any questions, to get more info and reserve your kit, here is the Kickstarter Campaign link: ProBUDDY Kits: Your Best Project BUDDY by Sunday Robotics — Kickstarter


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@DerelictRobot you might like this also :wink:

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Ah seen this all over instagram, been following for a while. Pretty neat stuff!


Awesome! Thanks mate, its so good to hear such a comment :+1:

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Dear @longhairedboy the great, please let us add the great forum to our “as seen on” part of our Kickstarter Page :pray: :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


Dear all, we’ve added ProBUDDY Kits Valentine’s Day 2022 special edition to our rewards, as a precious gift to your Tech Pumpkin or Honey Bunny for the Vallentine’s Day 2022, with limited time and quantity, between February 14 2022 - February 15 2022.

For the great memory of Pulp Fiction Movie 1994!

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Let’s see how ProBUDDY Kits help us solder Wire-Wire & Wire-PCB.

do it. Just smear my face all over it. I’m a whore.

seriously though, feel free to include the forum in your bragging. We need all the help promoting it we can get since I’m not doing anything at all to promote it.

i’d love it if more vendors promoted the forum this way.


Latest design of our ProBUDDY Kits Base Plates are %38 lighter (it was important for children and students) and they are more affordable now. PU Stickers looks cool on magnetic bases. All Rewards will be supplied with these new designs. What do you think of them?

ProBUDDY Kits will soon be a huge educational hub!