Problem with FlipSky 6374 190kv motor

Just got the Flipsky group T5 DIY kit, everything looked fine until i tried to spin one of the motors after mounting it and at some points it was almost stuck and made a scratching sound. but when i loosened the screws closest to the where the cable comes out of the motor it didnt make any sound and spun smoothly, but it wouldnt be safe to ride with loose screws. Have anyone experienced this or have a potential fix? I’d rather not send it back for repair as this is hard and very time consuming from norway.

Use shorter screws, all 4 of them

Reason why when u loosen the screw and it spin freely is because 2 or more screws are shorting on motor winding


I bought this kit. It’s a sloppy fit in general. I had to shave down the upper DKP truck arm for 6374 motor clearance. :person_facepalming:t2:

But when i just screwed the screws in it was spun smoothly so i suspect the crinding is due to the cable being pushed down making someting inside grind against eachother.

What @frame.b022 said. Gotta use short screws in the 2 locations nearest the wiring exit. True for all Flipsky BH I have seen.

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I couldn’t find any shorter screws so I put some fome in between and it seems like it’s fine, just hope nothing got damaged before

find some shorter screws dude ! easy to find and will save your ass

Foam??? In between the motor and mount???

Realized it wasn’t a really good idea not long after writing the comment😅