Pressfit Kegel Wheel Pulley 40T/42T/44T | EU

Hello, I am looking for a pressfit kegel wheel pulley for my esk8, to swap out my 36T one :slight_smile:

Would buy new or trade for mine, which are from:


@Boardnamics is selling some.

Out of curiosity, why do you trade yours for the same type?

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Thanks but I would prefer buying them second hand!

190KV, 15/36, 110mm - >
Way too fast

I want to get more torque at the cost of less crazy top speeds :slight_smile:


theoretically that won’t get you more range

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but more torque

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Higher wheel pulley = lower gear on your bycicle.
Lower gear on your bycicle - > you won’t be so fast, but your muscles don’t say bye bye

And when not using the torque, it requires less power to ride, no?

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if you want to get more range just ride slower without changing gears

Accelerating to a certain speed takes power.
It needs more power to turn a wheel on the street half a turn than quarter a turn…no?

It will be more efficient because the motor will be able to run slightly cooler. But if we ignore losses, then it’s the same power needed per riding style, so yeah, it’ll be quite similar I think.

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Good price for 40T press-fit pulleys:


Ouh, so when riding 25kmh avg (20-30kmh) it doesn’t matter if my board has 2.4 gear ratio and maxes out at 50kmh or if I increase the teeth count on the wheel pulley so that I only hit 40kmh?

Hitting 25kmh will take more power on the max 50kmh setup than the 40kmh setup, no?

I think of it like starting your car in 6th gear (high topspeed, takes for ever to get there, swallows a lot of gas) or staying in 1st gear all the time (low topspeed, takes a second to get there, swallows little gas)

If you had a very large motor that never got hot and a ESC with good cooling that didn’t get hot, then yes, you’d get the same range. But in the real world your motor will get hot, and you get more acceleration, so switching to better gearing is a good move imo.

On the faster setup you’ll need more amps, but less volts, and power = voltage x current, so it’s the same power either way :stuck_out_tongue:


Because on my bike if I ride uphill in small gear to hit 10kmh, I need to pedal very fast at low “amps” and with high gear I need to pedal very hard but not so fast, so it’s the same effort basically, if I would not take temps into account!
Great! Thanks for the explanation!

I don’t ride that much uphill/downhill… But I swear the battery drains a lot faster with same speed on the 110mm than the 97mm.


A higher torque setup will get more range from your battery.

Once you add “human” to the “machine calculations”, it skews heavily in favor of more range for same setup geared for higher torque instead of higher speed


I’m so confused now…
I trust you more master @b264
It seems more logical too somehow, and I did get about x1.25 - x1.5 more power draw at same speeds and circumstances

Range went from 40km to like 30km

This is mostly true also, but a higher torque setup makes your natural instinct to ride slower and also is more fun for some of us, and, in addition, riding at top speed doesn’t smash your range

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This is nonsense, I am learning new stuff every day :smiley:


This is true until you add “human” to the machine mix

Also when your system is not working as hard to maintain top speed, then you can go top speed without killing your range. Air resistance is proportional to the square of speed, so going faster makes losses start adding up quickly. Combine that with the fact that cells are really, really happy when they aren’t running at full power, and that also adds more range and more battery lifetime as well.

Pretty much there are many facets of “why” but for the same setup, a higher-torque / less-speed ratio will buy you more range and longer battery life.


An empirical caveat:

if you have the higher torque setup, and you then use that all the time to achieve faster accelerations than you were previously limited too in the lower torque setup. you get less range. Of course I’d rather have that choice in my throttle finger than being limited by maxing out amps in a lower torque setup.


Still wanted!

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