Power Button is at Fault? (Diagnose my problem)

I’m using a discharge bms and I have to e-switch connected to my power button like so:


Also here is the bms I use:

Anyways yesterday it cut out so I thought it died however when I plugged it in to charge the charger led is blinking red and then no led then back to red. The power button is also flickering. I opened up my enclosures to fix the bms ( I figured it was just a loose wire) and I saw that even though the power button was in the unlatched position, one Vesc had both green and blue leds on. I didn’t really think anything of it because I had just turned my board off so maybe the vesc just hadn’t turned off yet. But then later even though the board had been off for a good half an hour, I went to plug in a power lead and there was a huge spark. So there is definetly current running through the wires even though the switch is unlatched. I believe that its a bad 12v power switch itself, but what do you guys think?

remove the switch and just connect the 2 wires from the bms together and see if the problem is still there

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Sorry for the late reply, I did what you said and the problem is still there

pretty sure you will need to replace that bms…
I burned 4 of those but never had your problem :smiley:
Also check your balance wires so you do not fry the next one

The thing is it’s been working fine for a month, what could have caused it to suddenly fry?

@BuildKitBoards any idea of what caused it to cut out? I was just riding normally, and my board just died

It’s hard to say, it could be a number of things. If I still have one I will discount one 50% for you.

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The board staying on is def the BMS

Board charging on an off could be a loose balance wire or a broken nickel strip.