Post Migrations

Since there seems to be a migration movement going on, It’s only fit that we try to migrate post as well. How about we dedicate this thread to Posting Important links from the other forum. Form there which ever posts have the most likes are priority for post migration and we either create a post summing what went down and what was done or replicating (like if it was a Post in regards to a new rule). What are your thoughts? Here are What I think are some important post:


Kevin Dark


Carvon Saga

Jacob Hubs



Forum Member Scam

Customer Scam

PayPal Rule


A better title for this would be “here’s the mf tea”

I kid, I kid. In all seriousness it’s probably good that we don’t lose those threads incase anything dissappears. Maybe we should provide a summary for each one?


This + rewriting the important ones so the truly “live” here on this forum.

I’m reaching out to a few OPs to see if they mind me copying/pasting their topics here.

We want a full redirect in search engines, full separation from the other forum will only happen if the content is generated here.


Maybe include this:

And my little summary of why the hypocritical man-child sucks: