Please school me on bms possibilities

Is there a bms that also logs data I can send to my phone?

flexibms canbus to metr that logs on ur phone?

LLT bms already has an app that u can monitor cell real time, not sure if there is a log function, but what exactly do u need logging for?



Seems too low voltage and probably will do 18s lifepo4 to go with this 75v esc

I was looking for ur thread about helping find parts!
What u think I should get and just looking for the usual discharge only and also cell data and esc data sent to my phone.

Logging … because id like to know what’s going on. Never done it. Wattage, voltage, current,

u can do any series as long as u stay within the voltage range

i mean technically u can just record whatever LLT app shows u in real time as log, unless u need something more comprehensive and detailed, then “probably” flexi + metr or robogotchi can do what u r asking for, that’s a probably only since idk what exactly u need cell logging for

maybe ask in the flexibms thread and see if they have integrated p group cell data for the metr


I’m looking for the usual esc logging and not battery logging I guess. Would like to see cell voltages I guess but not that important

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just esc logging, then either metr or robogotchi is already plenty of info u can get out of

u can also config the esc using their app, or they can act as ble module for u to use vectool app, if not, TCP bridge for pc configuring also works


Any recommendation for an 18s lifepo4 bms? I’ve never used a bms before. There’s a lot of cheap ones out there and wonder if I’m charging at like 15 amps if it’s balancing method will be appropriate

cheap with no BLE: Daly bms

higher amps with BLE: LLT bms

they both offer different series count of either li-ion or lifepo4 version


This will work for 18s lifepo4 and can bypass its discharge limit right?

yes, both brands have 18s lifepo4 offer

to bypass discharge, u just do one lead from V+ and one lead from V- then solder on whatever connector type u like

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