Please help! Cut Out Issues

So I finished a build not long ago it was working like a dream for about 4 days, after daily use I ran into some issues. I was having an issue with the power randomly going out; in addition, the breaks would fully engage basically almost killing me, depending on my current speed. Both issues were very scary. I have seen other members with similar issues with their receiver signal wire getting interference from current nearby, ie. phase wires ect. The receiver antenna was up against the bms and I am assuming the power through the bms was messing with my receiver. I moved the antenna so it was away from any power lines and all went well for an additional few days. Now I am back to having issues, I get these random “shutters”, it will always happen when throttle is engaged. Although the shutters have not throught me off the board or anything they still are not ideal. When I say shutter I mean the throttle goes from being engaged which it should be as I am engaging it with my remote, then it will drop down to no throttle then back to having throttle. This same issue happens when breaking too. I would say the issue arises every other time I ride and when it does shutter it will do it fairly frequently on the ride. I am using dual tb 4.12 vesc, 12s BesTech hcx-d223v1 and the mini remote with can bus. I would try repositioning the receiver antenna but I sealed the enclosure with silicone and it’s a pain the remove the enclosure now, I can’t just undo a few fasteners. I’ll have to break the silicone seal, I am trying to get some more feedback before I have to do that. I do have an extra mini remote/ receiver. Maybe 2 receivers is the way to go, can bus might take lives :laughing:

I have a bluetooth module connected to the master vesc and I have not gotten any faults. I have been trying to check but it always shows no faults for the vesc. Should I add a bluetooth module to the slave vesc too?

I greatly appreciate any feedback, thank you so much!!

Hm off the top of my head, check your phase wires and all solder joints. Check remote ppm wire and contacts. If using sensors, try sensorless and disconnect the sensor wires.

No faults, so it’s not likely, but check legs of capacitors on the vesc to see if they broke.

It really sounds like a remote connectivity or receiver power issue. Which is like the worst thing when it’s flakey. You could also maybe try moving the receiver to the other vesc in case the current master is not supplying power nicely to the receiver.

Also check the remote’s failsafe while you’re at it.


If in fact it is your receiver loosing connection, you can easily expose the antenna and it should fix the issue.

This is on my Raptor 1. You can barely see it but the antenna is ran in that crack. Fixed all connection issues I had.


If you have some pictures of your build that will probably help diagnose things as well


What remote are you using?
Do these shudders happen rhythmically?

I was having these rythmic cutouts and found that it always happened when I passed under cell phone towers and near strong radio towers. I went through a few other remotes to find something that worked well in the high interference environment I ride in… he benchwheel remote has been good to me so far.

I am using the mini remote. The one with a wheel on the side of it. I think my university has started to install 5g cell towers on poles all around campus so that could be an issue.

I can upload pictures of the exterior tomorrow but I am not quite sure that is going to help much. I will remove the enclosure this weekend to take a look at the inside.

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Just test for continuity? I ran into some troubles trying to run sensors. I had the board all set up and unfortunately the first day I really road the board the cheap Chinese deck I was using broke. After that when I’d do sensor detection it would always fail so I run sensorless. The caps should just be in parallel to the input power right? When I purchased the vescs I got them without phase wires and caps. But I used one 2200uf rubicon cap per vesc. I supposed I could go back to the stock arrangement. It does seem like an issue with the receiver because once I moved the antenna everything was good for a bit. Also once I moved it I no longer had my previous issues of totally losing power or full brakes being engaged. The fail safe is set to not use any motor assistance.

Yeah it sounds like radio issues. The mini remote, I’ve found, resists interference pretty damn well, and hooks up quickly when it recovers.

If signal is dropping out, try to check if it always happens in the same spot.

You can move the antenna wire away from power wires. If your deck or enclosure have CF, as @J0ker said get the antenna out of the box.

It’s also worth doing a very very close visual inspection of the ppm wires, at the connectors. You can try swapping out for a new one as well.

I didn’t say it before but also try with fresh alkalines. Mini remote doesn’t really like nimh.

Pad up and stay safe!

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Had similar issues like you, connection breaks for split second. those can be really dangerous when accelerating or riding fast. after doing some tests, I figured out that it all depends on position of my remote. I have deck with CF layers and if I put my body (and deck) between receiver and remote, sometimes board couldn’t even start. If I move my hand when riding so my body (and deck) will again be between remote and receiver, cut out happens. I tried sitting on my board (like that guy back there on builders forum :joy: ) and positioning remote near part of enclosure where receiver is. I had no cut outs and that’s when I finally figured it out. just like @J0ker said, move your antenna out of enclosure and you should solve your problems. or at least try riding while holding your remote near receiver position in enclosure to pinpoint problem.


So I definitely figured out the issue after some testing. My board only cuts out on campus and this is because of 5g cell tower poles there are everywhere. There is always one within line of sight. Which is needed for full 5g abilities. Whenever i am near one of these poles I lose signal for a second and it fluctuates on and off. I am not sure if there is a solution for this? Is there a receiver to combat 5g cell towers? I am not certain they are 5g cell towers but they sure do look like it.

Does anyone live in a city with 5g? What remote do you use?