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slightly different situation but same idea

i routinely fly my board between home and school with a currently 18s2p-soon-to-be-basically an 18s4p, all split into 6s1p packs
i think 13 sets of 4p isn’t a bad ideaaaaaaaaaaa, TSA doesn’t care how many packs you carry with you long as they’re all under 100Wh, be ready to be routinely stopped at security for them to swap the packs :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’m using a daly. There’s more PCB’s in there than needed if you count. There’s plenty of room I think



I havent done much but design the brackets I’m going to use to prevent wheel bite. These are angled because of the Adjustable baseplates im going to use and I want this to be a low rider with adjustable ride height

This is two parts that will bolt together with the mounting hardware. It will attach to the deck from the top and bottom. When the two peices come together they end up being a quarter inch of stainless steel. More than strong enough for my weight.

Constructive criticism is welcome


It looks dope and I’m glad you added so many hole options :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



I finally started on the battery. I decided not to use PCB’s because they are going to make the modules too thick. I rather have $60.


Ah fuck how the hell am I going to get this to be modular. It’s gonna take a miracle. What do you think will happen if I charge this at 10a while the bms is rated for 8a charge?

Please give me ideas battery masters @MrDrunkenMobster @ZachTetra @Skyart @JoeyZ5


Im no expert, bro, but I could imagine if you dont fuse the charge port you have a good chance for a fire,no?

then u will only be charging at 8a max, ur bms is gonna be toasty af tho

charger amp rating doesn’t mean it will only pump current out at 10amp, rather, 10a is the max it can do

unless i’ve learnt this wrong…


1 of 2 thinks the BMS will register a over charge and cut the charge
2 the BMS will overheat and proberbly de solder or burn out a PCB track or worse.


Well of course I’m going to fuse the charge port. But what methods should I used to connect these packs together in series? I’m thinking a bunch of bullet connectors.

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Bullet connectors should work, its going to be such a pita lol, especially with balance wires too, GL. As far as charging…I would never charge a 4p pack at 6 amps, let alone 10 on a bms thats rated for 8 :sweat_smile: maybe buy a new charger?


this build is my inspiration.

Dont know? How about some XT90S?

I would do 4mm or 3.5mm bullets. The split cylinder kind, not the spring-sleeve kind. How many amps are you planning to pull?

I think you will burn up that BMS, and then buy one of my new 12s BMS’s that are rated for 10A charging…


But then I already have a 12s 7a charger and a bms that can do 8a. So everything is telling me to make this a 12s board :confused:

I really wanted 13s :confused:

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Just get a higher kv motor if you want more speed :stuck_out_tongue:
Risking electronics for that ain’t worth it.


@Flasher I designed these brackets for mounting adjustable baseplates to a haya to fit 6.5 pnumatics

These will sandwich the deck to reduce the chances of the extra forces breaking the deck


Lol I’m that friend who is looking for something like that. Just not sure if I should go with something like gbomb or like yours. Going for pure aesthetics but quality performance

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