Picking deck and enclosure

I’m looking into a third(ish) build, in theory I can make it the proper way…picking parts and then buying them. I have an idea of what I want but need help finding specifics.

Key features:

  • 35" to 38" range…I like my space but it needs to be maneuverable
  • kicktail…emphasis on maneuverable
  • wheel cut outs…I’ll be using 6x2 wheels on 180 to 260 mm TKP trucks with 6mm risers
  • under $180 for both…any higher and my bank account will cry
  • single stack enclosure with 450 x 150 minimum internal
  • double stack enclosure with 270 x 150 minimum internal
  • distinct asymmetrical and sleek look

So far I’m loving the Landyachtz 38" battle axe (fox of course), but am considering the DB Seafarer.

Not sure about the enclosure though, I know psychotiller and eboardsperu (a bit too expensive for me) make good stuff but nothing quite fits a 38" battle axe, maybe psychotiller’s Knuckles would? Most of the smaller enclosures are still wider than the battle axe, which is roughly 7.5" at the ends of the enclosure

All suggestions are welcome

If you are on a budget check all the second hand places including


I have the 38 inch variant of it an it’s magical. A bit pricey though.

Not sure how well 6 inchers will fit, nor if you can find an enclosure to fit. You will have to check the wheelbase, iirc a 19 inch enclosure fits fine on my 38.

EDIT: Dang they really went up in price since I got one. nvm lol

You’re going for a combo that almost nobody has on here.
Kicktail +pneumatic + medium size

You’ll almost definitely need a double stack enclosure/battery. A 38 inch deck with a kicktail has about 25 inch wheel base. And you gotta leave room for motors if you want a functional kicktail.

And neither one of those kicktails look very functional at any kind of speed to me.
Maybe while stopped, or to kick the board up into your hand. But not somthing i would see functional while riding.



Kick tail

Medium sized deck

You can only really pick 2

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It’s possible.

This looks closer to what you want. But its medium flec and over your budget

  • only 21 inche WB





Last one is kinda short

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Didn’t say it wasn’t. Just not a easy build with a whole lot of examples to work off of. Especially on a budget


This lasted a few weeks was fun

I’m planning trying out haggys on this deck, anything shorter with that wheel size feel silly to me.


That’s under his requested size and wouldn’t fit the battery he wants

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I’m just saying it’s possible to do, not tryna start a argument here. That’s just an example I found. On a budget, it’s not going to be easy to do.

I got 6x2, 50$?

Quick drop in before I get stranded in a hospital

All I need from the kick tail to to lift the front wheel up enough for a 90 degree turn while completely stopped, there are sidewalks that have T intersections where I’m stuck getting off and on the longboard.

For reference I will be about 60kg with a backpack

Should only need 3 inches past the back of the trucks for that?

Ooh, got pulleys too?

1 pulley only, I’m getting 3d printed ones from @yelnats8j for 30$ including belts and adapters

That was super helpful!! Did you absolutely need that much risers to turn fully? And would the wheel bite be different with tkp trucks? I’m either going for the 177 SR hangar with some spacers or the 240 psychotiller hangers

So $80 for the set shipped?

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With all the pulleys yes

Ooh pics?

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