Perfect settings for DIY board

Hey Guys!

I built a 4wd board, with 2 spintend ubox, 4 DD motors, and a 12s6p 30Q battery.
Can sb help me to find the best performance vesc settings?

Ubox can handle 100A * 4

Thank you for your help, i hope it will be so strong…

Assuming your battery is built to handle the max current 30Q cells can provide, I recommend the following:

  • Battery max current: 30A per ESC side (that’s 120A total, which means each cell running at 20A)
  • Battery max regen: 15A per ESC side (that’s 60A total, which means each cell fast charging at 10A. Not healthy for the battery, but healthy for you so that you have enough braking power in an emergency)
  • Motor max current & max brakes: 30A per ESC side (Your motors say they’re rated for 30A each. You could push this further, but they might overheat after a while. Start with 30A, increase it if you want more torque)

And of course, the usual:

  • Duty cycle current limit start: 85% (So that you don’t go from full acceleration to nothing once you reach max speed)
  • Remote positive and negative ramping times: 0.1s each (so that you don’t have lag when you need to brake)

Does your battery have a bypassed BMS? If not, then it will cutout under those settings, and you should rewire it. But if it is bypassed (i.e., bms used only for charging), you’re good :+1:

Thank you my Friend, my original settings are not so far you said, but i’ll set it for your values… only charge bms i use:) motors can handle 40A max? or what would be for max torque?

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From my personal testing of direct drives, 40A seems to be the max usable. You have a 4WD board though, so 30A each will probably already be enough :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Start with that, go to 40A if you need more :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much!:slight_smile:

Can i set positive and negative ramping time uart remote too?
Vesc mobile app shows speed wrong i think… i checked values in motor config-> additional info, values looks good… can i set it somewhere also?

Not sure, maybe not. But I think that means it’s already fine.

You can do a lot more than 30 motor amps w each motor. A lot more. The limit being heat, which will take a while to grow, and magnetic saturation, which isn’t a hard limit and even if saturated , which won’t happen till maybe beyond 80 amps anyway, it’s not the worst snd just more inefficient. I’d do 80 motor amps each…then the board likely will just lift off the ground at full throttle and burnout

Sounds good… If the motors overheat, crashes or is it just limited?

No. This is not a good or safe recommendation. These are not torqueboards DD which also get hot quick. 40A is a safe amperage. 60 is where I would stop. I’ve got experience with both elofty and bound DD’s they cannot handle the amps.

The max temp the magnets can get to before damaged is probably unknown.

What happens? I’ve set escs to 100 motor amps for common size eskate motors no problem. And at 70kv. They will get hotter quicker but that’s ok as long as u stay under the max temp the magnets can get to

They get extremely hot. At 50A on 10S I could get them burning on the hand to above 60c based on a temp gun. And only on 100mm wheels. They detected ~28A iirc.

He’s in 4wd so he has more headroom, but they’re not impressive construction. I killed the elofty’s because of loose wires in the windings.

He’s got 4 motors so will have lots of torque regardless but you can get a lot of torque and do a lot of current for short periods as long as don’t hit the temp limit of the magnets…which is likely unknown.

Voltage isn’t a factor.

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