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Parts wanted in canada

I am looking for a 63XX motor that is affordable and reliable, an esc to run it (preferably something decent, Not interested in flip sky or maytech) and a battery, if anyone is located in Canada and has these items for sale please let me know what you have and prices. I am located in Thunder Bay ontario, so if anyone is ontario that’s even better.

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Being in Canada limits the amount of people significantly, then removing flipsky and maytech from your esc choices even limits it further. I’m not in Canada nor willing to sell, but it may be wiser just to ask who has something (any applicable esc’s or motors) availible and assess your options… because by limiting yourself so much your going to have trouble getting any major influx of responses (especially since your new to the forum).

Edit: not recommending you downgrade, just saying you should see what’s on the market in Canada first before taking specific brands off the table

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I know a dude in Toronto who can build you a pack but tbh, you might have more luck hunting on the parts market here. I’ve bought lots of lightly used shit from the US without problems.

There’s also lots of ESC options that will ship to Canada. Or go and buy a Stormcore, homie. They’re right next door.


I wish I could afford a stormcore but when I priced it out it’s 400$ shipped and I can’t feasibly afford that on top of the rest of my build. the trampa is 340$ Shipped, which is also steep and I’m afraid of shipping something overseas during COVID and having it get lost or take 6 months to get here, unfortunately I’m mostly limiting myself to used parts in Canada for the sake of shipping costs and times. I’m ok with getting some stuff from the us but I’d like to limit it as much as I can. I may end up purchasing one from massivestator as it’s in my budget but I’d rather my money stay in the diy community vs a retailer if I can help it.

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That’s a good point dude, thanks, I just know I don’t want a maytech or a flipsky because every other guy on here has blown up at least 1, sometimes 7 :joy:

trampa uses UPS for shipping, my last order with them arrived within a week, and im on the other side of the world. don’t think that’s gonna be a problem, import tax might be tho.

no, big fucking no, get the BKB Xenith instead: BKB Xenith - VESC Based Motor Controller (High Power) – Build Kit Boards

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Ur painting yourself into a bit of a corner if you’re not willing to ship overseas, don’t want flipsky and are also on a tight budget. Speaking of budget, what’s your bottom line? And have you made a parts list or anything?

Ya dude, I’ve had plenty of shit come in suring the Coron’s without difficulty. I would suggest u rethink that idea. You’ll make your build much more feasible.

i’ve hear makerx order doesn’t get tax in some countries, their esc is also pretty decent, haven’t heard much problem about their motor either, maybe try them.

if u r 100% set on the unity esc, and want a cheap one, stick around in the parts market, sometimes a legit one pop up here and there.

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I have a drivetrain and a board, wheels, all the tools needed, I just need the esc, battery and motor which I put off buying until I had a choice of an esc under 300(trying for 2) so I know what batteries and motor to buy, I might need to buy it all 1 part at a time if I cant find one in that price range. Only needs to be single motor and bonus points if it’s somewhat compact. I have a budget of 600 for all 3 components and connectors

I was looking at the maker x but some reviews of their customer service had me wary, which seems to be the common thing for escs. Almost all of them have bad reviews or good reviews with bad customer service, and that has made me wary of buying directly from a bunch of companies. I’m not saying I won’t spend my money overseas I’m just saying I would want to know I’m going to be taken care of and my stuff is going to arrive in a timely manner. I’m also pretty poor so spending a huge chunk of change on shipping chokes me every time :weary: if it’s unavoidable, I’ll do it, but it’s a last resort for me.

Is that bkb basically a reskinned focbox? They any good?

Focbox is a reskinned focbox. Owner is a scammer who declared bankruptcy to restart selling again while not reimbursing the thousands of buyers he scammed.

Xenith has a guarantee he (bkb) will stand behind

Also, technically anyone who makes a focbox is reskinning it as the design now rightfully belongs to the company that took care of the bankruptcy.
Both unity and xenith have access to the original factory


Yeah I know all about entertain and their sheisty practices… basically just asking if it’s the same experience as focbox. The unity just seems so easy to set up and I like that.

there are a few makerx vendor thread, u can read some to get an idea of what kind of CS others have been getting. my only order with makerx went smoothly and my esc didn’t have any issue, so there was no after sales needed.

no, focbox doesn’t exist anymore since death of enertion, and buying from tinydick (aka massivestator) is supporting a known scammer.

if u didn’t know already, don’t buy from mboards also, he is also a scammer.

Btw you could save a bit if you decided to make the drive to us for a stormcore. At a minimum, you’d save on the shipping

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Same PCB so yes. But xenith will give you peace of mind if something out of your control fucks up. Potter would tell you “you probably did something wrong, sorry”

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i don’t think the Xenith v2 is the same pcb anymore, since Jared did some changes to the AS so it doesn’t pop that easily :thinking: or was it something else…can’t remember now

Thanks for the heads up, I already knew about mboards and I also heard massivestator is a shit place to order but a comment on this post said otherwise so I wasn’t sure. I always research companies before I order stuff because I’m pretty poor and dumping cash into stuff that doesn’t work can make a huge difference in my wallet

A drive where buddy? I don’t mind a drive but I’m in northwest ontario, everything is far for me😂 I thought stormcore was with lacroix in Australia?
Feel free to slap me if I’m just an idiot