Finishing up a build on a vanguard deck running 16s with Eboosted Enclosure.

Parts Needed: New/Slightly Used

  • Hangars: BN 220s or 270s for the hangars or similar. Might be interested in a dkp setup if someone has something nice.
  • Baseplates: Adjustable would be nice but anything will do. If you’ve got something you’re trying to get rid of send it this way.
  • Motor Mounts: It’s looking like I have to reverse mount so if someone can give me a good deal on some BN XL mounts I will snag them. Anything similar works
  • Motors: Looking for 2 6374s or larger ideally in the 140-170 kv range.


I think that’s about it. If anyone has any threaded insert suggestions for flexy decks lmk. Not sure if the bamboo will give me more issues than usual. Thank you!

@Evwan would know

I have slightly used 270s and BN fixed baseplates. I also have a couple FS 6374s but they’re 190kv.

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Thru bolt

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I have new BN270 and idler mounts, willing to sell below retail, never installed. DM if interested

Hangars, baseplates, and mounts found. Thanks everyone!

Still in need of motors

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How big of motors are you okay with… :joy:

I’ve got a set of SKP 7490’s in 179kv. If i had seen this a bit earlier I’d have offered my set of BN 270’s and precision XL mounts with them too haha.