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Parting out my Trampa Pho3nix

I’m sad to disassemble everything but I really had too many boards and I don’t have time to ride them all, I was thinking in selling the complete board but as I’m located in Lima shipping is too expensive.

Kaly gear drives + rear Kaly hanger + trampa ultimate truck + Torqueboards 6380 motors. The gear drives have some scratches but it won’t affect the functionality and it rides amazing
US$ 700

Trampa Superstar Hubs (used)
Trampa Primo Alpha tires with inner tubes (brand new)
US$ 100

Trampa HolyPro 35" deck 16 ply (used)
It comes with battery capacity meter (used)
Nut inserts already installed
US$ 150

Shipping to USA would be between 40 and 100 depending on the weight and size of the parts


how many setups do you have now? lol


6 setups, it’s crazy.

The problem is that I want to keep building (seems that the addiction is more buildin
g than riding these days) it just doesn’t make sense to keep piling eboards :pensive:


Interested in selling just the primo alphas and tubes? I already have the superstars but with roadies and I need some AT tires.

Hey Alan, how much would be the deck and the front truck, or if you have the original hanger of the rear truck the complete set, and shipping to Brazil



Is that a first or second gen Kaly gear?

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Man you have a full Workshop for tuning cars… there should be more than enough space for a wall of boards, no?

By the way, we don’t start counting boards below 10… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Totally feel this. Always. I haven’t really ridden since the DC event. Been deep into build mode.


Kinda interested in the deck with enclosure. Any idea if the matrix og trucks fit?

I feel you Alan. Building is half of the fun for some of us. Good stuff. Is gonna sell quickly.

It’s the 1st Gen with the straight gears

I’ll send you the deck with a new new enclosure already bolted, just state if you want a single stack or a double stack.