Parting out DIY (AU only)

Hello again dudes, parting out what’s left of my DIY:

  • Evolve GTR wheels $80 (used for about 40-50km and has small chunk on 1 wheel
  • BKB tayto deck $120 (gripped and painted with Nissan GTR theme, enclosure has holes cut in it)
  • TB218 trucks $130 with whatever bushings is on it
  • Flipsky VX1 remote $40 and receiver (no charger)
  • DickyHo short mounts with extra crossbars and idler pulleys $50
  • Flipsky 6374 BH motors $100 2x (one is hella scratched and phase wires were shortened by me hence dodgy job)
  • Dead unity $50 < Plugged in receiver wrong way
  • Dead xenith $50 < Killed with reverse polarity

Adding photos soon, my phone just sucks at uploading.

ALL PRICES ARE IN AUD, and I am not taking on any overseas offers as lockdown has created issues for me in leaving home for going to the post office (I use sendle)


I’m assuming that shipping to the US is either impossible or unreasonable?

nvm just saw title is AU only


I can make an exception for something that is that small but the heavier stuff is a mission.

can you check how much shipping to New York postal code 10016 would cost for those?

Ok folks as promised @xsynatic don’t kill me :sweat_smile: here are the photos! If something is unclear I can take more :slight_smile:

Yeah give me a minute.

It’s about $25 aud, up to 500g which I assume both ESCs don’t weigh that much.

I’ll think about it and get back to you. After seeing the pictures it seems less promising to repair.

are these burn marks?

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Yeah, connected the receiver wrong way and when I hit the switch it went pop. Someone told me it’s repairable, at least more than the reverse polarity job fuckup.

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Hey @Stevailicious , I’m pretty interested in buying some of the kit. I’m I’m looking at the Wheels, trucks, remote, mounts and motors. Just a few questions.

Do the wheels come with the pullies?

And do the ESC’s work at all? Just newish the the esk8 scene, I only have a very basic board I built with that cheap chinese ESC. Cheers.

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Hey mate, I’ve only got the wheels, pullies, motors and remote left. Both ESCs are dead and only really for experienced repairers. Hit up my DMs mate.

what sized connectors are on those motors?

Hey bro still have the motors and remote?

Are the motors still available?

deck still available?