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Parting Out AT Board!

Hey thanks for the kind words. If you want the battery too, we can talk.

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There isn’t even 1400$ in parts even if they were brand new here. @AviatorEsk8er I suggest you adjust your pricing, by a lot, if you want it to sell.


What are you talking about? Do your research please. I’ve had multiple people tell me what to list it at and I’ve done as they said. Next time please send me a DM instead of trying to hurt my sales.


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They must not know what they’re talking about. Being generous there’s $1000 of parts here. I’ve got $20 that says you don’t get any bites at $1000.


I know what I’ve got man and so do others. Please DM me if you have any concerns.

I guess we are all going to wait for the others to pop in. Are you taking the $20 bet or not?

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You really don’t want me to get that new motorcycle, huh? :joy:

You’ll shoot your eye out.



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Bump! Still for sale and negotiable.

it’s always smaller than in the pictures :crazy_face:


so you’re saying you’re selling an esk8 for $1400

without a battery

for $1400

can i have what you’re having?


Don’t you unicycle also? I mean onewheel…:rainbow::rainbow::wink:

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Don’t make me show them the picks of your pretty PiNT

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I’ll try and make you some money lol.

Respectfully @AviatorEsk8er, you’re asking too much for a build that has no battery. You’d be lucky if you got what you’re asking for. And I’m willing to bet $20 that if someone buys it for $1400, they clearly dont know they’re overpaying. I’d personally adjust the price here because as you’ve probably been told before, we know our shit here.

You’d have better luck on FB or maybe reddit if you’re lucky.


Thanks for your opinion, Joker. I am open to offers.

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i got, some pocket lint, a pot of tea, and a some recycleable bottles thst you can redeem for a couple nickels

that for just the deck? i know you got that for free so you’re still profiting


Hey shush you’re spilling my secrets :eyes:

And I would never ride a unicycle excuse you