Pair of HALL sensors is dead in one wheel?

Makes stuttering noises too

Welcome to the club! What motor? How old? Ride it hard? Get hot?

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Very sorry
Craptor 2.1! Ride it hard… ehm not really. Doesn’t get too hot I believe. Wheels are cracking if course. Roads in Belgium are quite rough though. Got it in september. Wish I could see total driven distance somewhere

ride it sensorless - those hall sensors fail as regular as the sun comes up


What? Really!?
What’s the downside of that? And should I just disconnect the cable then?

A small push or hip movement is needed to get the motor spin a bit before it can take off, otherwise no real loss also very slow movements may be a bit choppy.


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Ride sensorless, use BLDC and do the parameters for that. It should not be a problem. You can play with the throttle mapping and the positive/negative ramping, to get more punch and less rattling…


Would you just unplug that black screw on plug to disconnect the sensor? Also, is this an app for androids?