Ownboard w2 - value?

I purchased a BKB dual over Black Friday and now I’m thinking I should get a prebuilt as a backup. I went to ownboard’s site and a w2 can be had for $549 shipped. Comes with two sets of wheels, 9ah 30q battery, adjustable motor mounts, extra grip tape, etc. Does this feel like a value to anyone else???

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I’d almost just buy a second bkb lol
Just put it on a different deck


@Skunk almost or would you? $200 difference. If I wanted a different deck it would be $50 at minimum so the real total is $250.

And a few pics :slight_smile:

Having two boards with identical parts would be pretty rad just in case something ever happened.
I haven’t had great luck with pre build stuff.


You can also get it without the handle, better looking in my opinion.

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@Skunk completely agree, but variety is good :slight_smile:. In all seriousness. Would you pony up another for the BKB or does the w2 seem like a good Black Friday ‘value’?

Imo the own board is pretty good too but bkb is great too, proven. I don’t think it would be too hard to deckswap it either

What’s the ownboard price? 400?

I owned the W2 and wasn’t a huge fan. Great starter board

I think you might be better off with something like the ex way which are deeply discounted at the moment.
Or build a backup from another bkb kit or similar


@ShutterShock worth $250 if I want to get another deck? I suppose it actually costs more than that. I could sell the 83’s that come with the w2 so that’s $10 after eBay fees and grip tape is always worth $10.

@ShutterShock $549 with the 30q 9ah battery.

@bwahl602 what didn’t you like? Appears to be a boosted board with a better battery and adjustable motor mounts?

I’m pretty sure the Bkb has a bigger battery if I’m not mistaken. And I’m not a big fan of the Clone wheels that come with that pre-built so they could give me three pairs and I really wouldn’t care.
I think the extra $200 is worth it to have two boards that share identical parts and chargers + more range /more reliable motors + a vendor that’s here on the forum.
I’ll sell ya a nice deck cheap too lol

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Get an exway X1 its a good deal to. one hubmotor board and a belt one. If i remember i think it was on sale for 349-399$ and in US.

@Skunk same battery specs

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Oh well in that case if just get another bkb

There’s reasons people own 2 or 3 boosted boards lol, same with bkb i feel

It might say the battery specs are the same but I have a feeling bkb is real world specs

Well that’s good.
Again I’ve just had bad experiences thus far with pre-built stuff so I tend to steer clear.
Bias opinion

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Oh the belt drive version is likely very different. And the 10S3P battery is likely a welcome improvement. Never ridden one though

I had a hub motor version with a 2P battery and moved away from it because I found the brakes to be really poor. At high speed, they were virtually non existent

I’ve heard really good things about the w2 belt drive, if I had spare cash I might have gotten one for kicks

@Skunk @ShutterShock love the feedback. Thank you guys! I’m on the prebuilt fence. I took a Couple prebuilt boards and modified to my liking with an old old EVO.