Ownboard Belt Motor Kit Discussion

Finally available now.

If you have questions, Just leave a message here
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Old discussion post is here

Pretty sure it’s a pricing error but the W2-Kit with 90mm black wheels is $349.99 USD

Pretty tempted to grab one at that price.

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Oh my god. Thank you for your feedback:sweat_smile:

Bummer, was a pricing error.

Considered for a minute buying one at $349.99 USD before telling you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Haha, Thank you. dear. if you want to buy it, i can give you a discount

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Will the ESC be available separately?

Yes, but i cant sure its can fit others motors. Because the hobbywing ESC is not VESC. So i dont suggest you to but it with separately

explain pls

any plans to sell the 10s3p 30q pack separately as well?

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Is the carbon deck coming back soon?

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He made a mistake it is not a vesc

Does the kit come with both pulley’s? Can I just swap out the hub motors and ESC from my backfire G2S and install this?

It’s on the website. Yes it comes with both pulleys and yes just swap the drivetrain and go. You’ll likely take a range hit and make sure your battery can support 40A discharge.

How many amps are the motors rated for?

I currently have the stock backfire g2s battery. I’m still learning about battery tech. Would this work with the ownboard w2 ESC/drivetrain?

Yes, assuming the G2s battery uses an XT60 connector then it is compatible. If it has a different connector you will just need an adapter.

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Yes, that should be good. That pack should have Samsung 25r cells in a 10s2p configuration so it can support a maximum of 25amps*2 = 50amps continuous.

Better cells = more amps, more cells in parallel = more amps.
Running the cell beyond the amp rating = more heat, shorter cycle life, and possibility of a fire if it’s too much for the cell to handle.

There is much more to know about it all and I know that I don’t know everything but that’s some quick information for you.

Hmmmmm I might have a g2s hub motor / g2t ESC set for sale lol

@Liuqiu-Ownboard Is it possible to change the motor pulley?